Navigon To Bring Google Local Search To MobileNavigator

Navigon AG today announced that they have submitted version 1.4 of their popular turn-by-turn GPS application to the App Store. MobileNavigator [App Store, $89.99] 1.4 will include several new features, although the most significant will likely be the option to use Google Local Search to find points of interest from within the application. This differs from Navigon’s current method of using a traditional POI database stored within the app, although v1.4 will still include it. The addition of Google will allow users to enter simple search terms such as “steak Chicago” to find listings for steak in Chicago.

Additionally, the update will include an enhanced pedestrian mode which features a new user interface and makes use of the compass built into the iPhone 3GS. Users will also be able to enter GPS coordinates as well as email your current location from within the app.

Navigon has already submitted the app to the App Store and it should be available soon.

MobileNavigator has also been marked down $20 for Thanksgiving. If you buy it today, the update will be free so get it on the cheap while you still can!

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