Naturally Amplify Your iPad 2 Tunes with SoundBender

Kickstarter has been the funding partner with many high budget, successful accessories, among the plethora of other things that are funded daily on the community website, and it today boasts another product that is both relevant to this site and looks like it’s got some serious potential. The SoundBender amplifies your music without power, batteries or anything of the sort, however, only for the iPad 2.

If you’ve ever cupped your hand around the speaker on an iOS device, regardless of whether or not it’s an iPad or not like in this case, you’ve probably noticed that music being outputted immediately gets louder. This is because iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads all have speakers that project sound at various angles; your hands are a solution that directs the sound in one specific direction. This is what the SoundBender aims to do, and it looks extremely nice while doing just that.

The SoundBender is essentially a tiny, portable product that attaches easily via the magnetic bezel that the iPad 2 in constructed out of to capture all of the otherwise unused sound. It simply snaps on, provides you with great satisfaction when listening to music, watching a movie or playing a game and then can come right off just as easily.

Thanks to the small size, the product itself doesn’t draw attention away from the iPad when watching a movie or anything of the likes, nor does it act too obtrusively. This also allows the product to be stowed in various places.

Sadly, because of the magnetic aspect of the product, it’s only available for the iPad 2, however, there are a numerous amount of other accessories that can successfully do the job for the iPad’s younger brothers, the iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s currently being funded over at Kickstarter, and you can score yourself one just by funding $15 – in a random color, though, with the options that will soon be available when the product launches.

A few more videos of the product: