Napster Opts Out of Streaming Application for App Store

The popular Napster streaming and download music service won’t be coming to Apple’s iPhone via the App Store per a mocoNews report. According to the story, a rep from Napster said the service, which would be offered at Best Buy stores, is not being sent out for Apple approval because of the high licensing fees involved which would force Napster to charge too much for its service.

Some streaming apps offered by Apple are subject to $15 fees. Napster will instead offer browser-based streaming at on cell phones and it is working with music labels to lower this price point so it can offer the full mobile functionality on iPhones and other devices. The service is currently priced at $5 per month and like Napster’s cheapest regular subscription will include five DRM-free tracks users can keep.

Without a licensed iPhone app, users won’t be able to download the tracks straight to their handsets, but instead will need to sync them onto their phones through iTunes.

Customers who buy a non-Apple cellphone on contract at Best Buy will receive Napster free service for three months, which includes 15 songs they can download and keep.

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