Nano Rally

Nano Rally is a miniature racing game based in a small house where you maneuver a small (toy) car around over 100 obstacles as quickly as possible.

There are six environments in Nano Rally, ranging from the Kitchen or Office to even two secret environments. The game starts you off choosing the settings for the car you will be driving including Top Speed, Handling and more. You can make it so that you can tilt to steer, have automatic gas (always pushes you to top speed) and turning sound on or off. Also, you can play your iPod music while playing this game — there is no background music.

Along with the six environments, there are many levels. Each host their own amount of tracks and many different obstacles to navigate through. The tracks are well-detailed (while pretty cartoony) and very diverse.

I had to make an effort to make all that sound as positive as possible, because here is where I tell you what I highly dislike about it. The steering is terrible. One can obviously adjust your car’s capabilities, but with touch- or tilt-to-steer, you will find yourself running into things and backing up and growling… it just isn’t a pretty picture. Of course, with practice, one will become relatively good at it (and it shows, looking at the leaderboards), but to the quick player, there is quite the learning curve. Also, there are no opponents while you race, even in championship mode. This forces the game to be more of a time-trial instead of a basic competition. Lastly, you have no choice of vehicles. There may not be much space for variety, but I at least expected different colors.

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