Namco Releases Pac-Man Twitter Client

This news comes courtesy of AppShopper’s according page: Namco have devoted developing resources to developing a full-featured Twitter client for iOS. They’ve strayed away from their norm of games and instead have downloaded a nice utility — especially nice if you’re a retro gamer dying to get your hands on an application as such.

So if you you were wondering why my list of the 8 best Twitter clients was only a list of eight, this is why; I was leaving two extra spots open for any new applications to be released in the App Store. No, just kidding, but that is actually a pretty good explanation, right?

That said, PAC’N TWIT is the missing number nine on my list.



Namco’s first utility keeps some elements from their previous games while also being a full-featured productivity/utility. The app itself is pure nostalgia: the multiple, selectable backgrounds are all screens of Pac-Man and the app’s interface never fails to be littered by the ghosts and Pac-Man himself. Even the icons and lettering are all sprites from the classic arcade game that are sure to remind you of your older days, retro gamers. Yeah, save for the fact that there are colorful ghosts, a Pac-Man game running in the back and even Galaga sprites used as icons for buttons, this is just a normal Twitter client. It’s got the ability to do anything you’d need to do, which includes managing lists, sending direct messages and more. Plus, Namco have evidently already gone ahead and got the go from Twitter, considering the application already has push notifications. Pretty impressive since my [now second] favorite Twitter client for iOS was lacking the ability to send you notifications for the longest time. If you’re prone to strokes and such, I wouldn’t recommend the application. It may be, in fact, too vibrant at some times

So if your two favorite things in the world are Pac-Man and tweeting from your iPhone, your ultimate dreams have materialized. You can pick up this clever little client on the App Store for free. I don’t know about you, but personally, my two favorite things are iPads and gravy.