MyWeather is an intensive weather application that uses the location-based capabilities of your iPhone and personally coordinates the weather information in your application. There is a radar from Microsoft’s Virtual Earth that shows animation, and a 7-day weather forecast.

Compared to Weatherbug and the native Weather application, MyWeather has managed to leap ahead of the curve and integrate all the basic aspects of weather into a compact and functional application. As I’ve mentioned before, the primary aspect I search for while on the quest for the perfect applications is monopoly. Basically, if an application is capable of being “that one app I use”, then I’d say it’s pretty near perfection, at least on some level. MyWeather has managed to do that for me.

There is a bounty of functions to this application, so here’s the run-down:

  • location-based information

  • animated radar
    • orange dot shows your location, yellow dots show others on your list
  • a 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, slides
  • list view of locations, shows Temp and Condition
    • includes intensive city search
  • options to show weather trends
    • Temp

    • Precipitation
    • Wind speed (mph) and direction
  • radar map zooming now goes down to street-level
  • switch between Fahrenheit and Centigrade

Cons: takes forever to load over EDGE, but the software is constantly streamlined, and the latest update is said to have fixed the speed issue.

Pros: location-based weather, plenty of options, 7-day forecast… Pretty much, just look at those options.

Bottom Line: MyWeather has the pep and drive to drive the competition into the ground. With a few more tweaks, this app has the capability of really monopolizing the Mobile Weather industry. Now all we’ve got to do is see something about that price…

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