MySpace Mobile

MySpace’s ‘MySpace Mobile’ has been quite the interesting application to test. I didn’t expect much coming into it, because let’s face it: I’m elitist, and I ‘only keep my MySpace around because I have friends that I stay in contact with’. With that prototypical mindset, I was shocked by how much I actually loved this app.

To start off, the home page has everything, in some way. You can view your profile, friend updates, your comments, and bulletins, change your status, and even search users. Mail is similar, allowing you to view your mailboxes much like the normal Mail app. Requests are a breeze, and you can search through your friends without difficulty. Your photos are viewable with the Photos button, and can be viewed. There’s also a button at the top to update your status, and that seems a bit redundant, but I never updated my status anyway, obviously.

Comments are simple, which is quite the relief. You can view your wall or the walls of other people simply by going there from their profile, and select certain comments to view. Each comment window gives you the option of Commenting back, Messaging, et cetera. Just like the regular site, except much more concise.

Overall, the application is extraordinarily thorough and sleek, and I might actually end up using MySpace more often for that reason alone. I like it because it fully took on the task of allowing a user complete access to their page, but I was surprised to find out that users can’t edit their profile from the application. I find it to be a little better for the application, however, because I’d prefer to quickly be jumping through MySpace pages than typing out a huge list of my favourite artists and ‘so totally killer’ television shows.

Definitely download this if you’re a MySpace user. It’s brilliant.

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