MySaver: Preserve Your Charge and Sync Cable

There are so many Kickstarter projects that I usually include all of the interesting ones as a compilation in one post, but I felt that this certain one deserved a whole post for itself. So, behold, the MySaver, the perfect solution to fully preserve your iPhone’s, iPod Touch’s and iPad’s charge and sync cables.

If you have more charge and sync cables you can shake a stick at, you may want to disregard this article, but for those who have torn through a huge number of cables, like me, listen up! The MySaver is currently being funded over at Kickstarter, and it may be something you want to back or look into:


Currently being funded

As you all probably know, extensive use of the cable causes breakage at the bases. Both of the wire’s ends tend to split exposing the inner wires, which further causes your cable to look ugly and lose the Apple “touch” you all like. The MySaver is a product made out of full-grade aluminum, which fits around your iPhone’s, iPod Touch’s or iPads charge and sync wire. This is in an attempt to keep it looking as good as new, considering the MySaver will act as a backbone to support the wire, figuratively not literally.

Splitting wires may or may not make a difference in the way your device charges, but the aesthetics of the wire drop horribly. So after it happens, you may be tempted to purchase a new wire, which can cost a large amount if bought from Apple (third-party wires are available for much cheaper, but are not recommended).

The MySaver will be available later in a pro form and DIY form, if successfully funded, and will retail for $24.99 and $10.99, respectively. It will come in five different colors, “carefully selected to match the Smart Cover for the iPad”: silver, green, blue, pink, and orange.

I will definitely be looking to purchase this once, and if, it is released soon. It looks like it’ll surely serve a useful purpose in preventing your wire from charging; after all, it’s horrible when your iOS device can’t be used due to a lack of charge originally because of a torn wire.

[Via Kickstarter Product Page]

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