My Brute

My Brute is a RPG-style fighting game in which you put your ‘brute’ against an opponent. Your Brute fights on his own with the assistance of weapons and animals, and it’s up to them to defeat the opponent. Your Brute can only fight 5 battles per 24 hours, however, so be sure to train it hard and keep coming back!

In My Brute, you start off personally designing a character with the option of having a sensei (if you have a friend willing to tutor you). There are many options by which to personalize your Brute, and each Brute ends up looking different from the others.

Battles end up being something of a joke, as players come to find out. Your Brute starts off with no experience and no equipment. Your first battles will end up lost, with experience only being gained through pity points. The battles themselves are not even fought by players, but acted out with the Brutes as they move toward each other with their arms extended (or weapons, if you’re lucky).

As your Brute undergoes excessive punishment, you will gain experience and the game will seem fun as you begin winning battles. This is a grand hoax, however, seeing as the game is based not off of personal skill of the player but on the luck and devotion of spending literally days in the act of battling characters.

What brings this game to a disastrous halt, besides the complete lack of interaction, is the fact that you can only fight five battles per 24 hours period. This means that no matter how much you might want to watch your Brute battle, you are restrained to 5 battles… that’s it. Gaining equipment and animals is a matter of luck, and battles become a matter of timing and your own abilities and stats compared to your chosen opponent.

There are some functions that make the game interesting. As stated, you join a dojo and can have or become a master. You can make a playlist from your iTunes that can be listened to during play (though you won’t be playing long). You can unlock skills, arenas and more Brutes, and discuss with other players using Open Feint or challenge other players using Facebook Connect.

Overall, the game looks nice, sounds nice, runs well and connects well, but falls severely short from being a game worth playing. Put more clearly: you can’t even play this game, merely observe your Brute as it battles a chosen opponent and, more often than not, lose. My Brute proves to be a disappointment that takes days to be realized.

Ths application is suggested for those severely bored or clinically sadistic.

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