MWSF09: Delicious Library Coming To The iPhone

The Monday before Macworld Expo opened, we had a chance to sit down with Wil Shipley of Delicious Monster to get a sneak peak at their new app for the iPhone. Described by Shipley as a “widget,” the app will interface with Delicious Library 2.1 on the Mac to bring your entire library right to your iPhone.

Sync will occur over Wi-Fi via Bonjour and will include every item from your library. From there you can browse by category, shelf, or even search through your stuff. When it launches, the app will be completely free.

Shipley is also working on two more apps with no set release date. The second app is a remote barcode scanner for Delicious Library. Simply put, the app would allow you to use your iPhone’s camera as a wireless transmitter of barcodes for easy scanning around the house. This app will also be free.

The third app, which is much further off, will be a full-blown barcode scanner. Completely stand-alone, you’ll be able to scan barcodes in a store (or anywhere else) to get information on the particular item. The most obvious example would be to find out how much said item is on Amazon. However, don’t expect this app anytime soon. Apple’s current SDK restrictions aren’t making it easy for DM to get this app running.

For those attending Macworld Expo this year, we encourage you to swing by the Delicious Monster booth (2602) and say ‘hi!’. You may even get a chance to look at the new app!

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