Multiple Places Get Their Hands on the New iPad

Even though the official release date of the new iPad, that was announced just one week ago, isn’t until this Friday the 16th, people all around the world are getting their grubby hands on the device prior to everyone else. No, this isn’t a case of UPS letting a few units slip through due to their incapability to embargo tons of devices.

The first, which is a bit older news, is an unboxing of the new iPad by the Vietnamese site They show the innards of the packaging and take the device for a spin; though there’s nothing new to see, it’s still the first unboxing of the new iPad. The video is in Japanese, but you can still make out a few words every now and then and can certainly follow along.

Today, Honk Kong site PCM Online reported via Engadget that they had gotten the new iPad. The video that they’ve shot includes a comparison of the new iPad’s camera in comparison to its predecessor with the latter’s obviously being inferior. They show a few of the features as well as shoot a short video at the end with the new device. You can check it out (kudos to the Mission Impossible-esque music in the beginning!):

Earlier today, Engadget shared a report of what is supposedly a shipment of the new iPad at a Best Buy in the United States. The photo shows a host of the new iPads in their packaging. Other reports also say that the iPad has arrived at other resellers before the official March 16th launch date in a couple of days. For reference, you can check out the aforementioned picture below:

The new iPad launches this Friday. You can look out for a hands-on of some of the new features. Just stay tuned right here to iPhone Alley.