Multi-Core iPhone Coming Alongside OS X iPhone 3.0?

Jason O’Grady at ZDNet has picked up on an interesting rumor here at Macworld. According to him, Apple is currently working on a four-core iPhone running OS X iPhone 3.0. The 3.0 software is said to be required on the iPhone “quad.”

O’Grady also points out that Imagination Technologies will be announcing their first multi-core general-purpose graphics processor tomorrow at CES. The chip may be suitable for the iPhone and can theoretically scale to an unlimited number of cores.

However, Arnold Kim at MacRumors believes that the ARM Cortex A9 multi-core processor would be a more likely candidate for Apple. Apple currently uses ARM-based chips in the iPhone and iPod touch, and it’s likely that they’re an ARM architectural licensee.

MacRumors has also heard independent rumors that iPhone 3.0 will include multi-core support.

[via ZDNet]

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