Motorola Sues Apple Exec For iPhone’s Success

Phone maker Motorola is suing former company executive Michael Fenger, who jumped ship to join Apple as their VP of global iPhone sales, for allegedly giving Apple their corporate secrets in order to help the success of the iPhone. The company is claiming that Fenger has given away information about margins, operating strategies, marketing information, and customer initiatives to the iPhone maker, among other things

While at Motorola, Fenger was the man who oversaw Motorola’s mobile business as VP in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Now they’re saying that he has used the information he acquired during his time in the company to help further the success of the iPhone.

Now they are seeking damages against him, partly because he has breached a written contract he had with Motorola in which he agreed not to be employed by a competing company for at least two years after March 31st. In addition, they are hoping to recover over $1 million in stock-option grants.

[via Bloomberg]

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