MotionX Poker

MotionX released a poker game for the iPhone which is the equivalent of 5-card draw, but they did it with dice.

The typical idea of 5-card draw is pretty simple: get a certain combination of the highest cards you can and be sure that you can beat the dealer. There’s no multiplayer in this application, so there won’t be any reason to compete with anyone but the dealer.

There are plenty of options immediately available for dice, and unlockable options to boot. The dice are normal 6-sided dice, cards 9 to Ace being represented in order to achieve good games of 5-card draw. The dice surely narrows the game, but it makes certain other aspects extremely fun.

In order to roll the dice, users shake the iPhone. No, you didn’t hear me wrong. In order to get the best random results, the iPhone’s accelerometer actually coordinates with your ‘dice-rolling’ to work with its physics and give you a proper ‘thrown dice’ effect. It’s actually quite fun, and after multiple plays I find myself trying a little bit harder to oust the dealer’s luck.

As a game of luck there isn’t much room for planning, but just as 5-card draw goes, risking it all is the name of the game, and gambling on 5 dice is quite fun. Each won round gives you a certain amount of coins as reward, two for a normal win and certain other amounts for other achievements such as being the underdog or keeping a winning streak going.

The reward system doesn’t just stop at coins, but expands into larger awards. These larger awards are Gems, and they act a bit like trophies signifying your perseverance. The only thing is that it’s going to take severe perseverance in order to achieve anything in this game. The curve for awards is almost absurd, asking for 2.5 million coins in order to achieve the highest-level Gem and 100,000 coins to unlock the last table.

Overall, MotionX® Poker is a fun time, and has extraordinary replay value. When one takes into account that this game is only $4.99, it turns into an even greater deal. This game is a great way to waste time, so if you’re already a fan of poker and are looking for a new outlet or completely fresh to the genre of entertainment and hope to ‘figure it all out’, MotionX® Poker is a great place to start.

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