More Talk Of NYTimes, Condé Nast Working With Apple On Tablet Content

The LA Times says they have heard that employees with the New York Times have been traveling to Apple’s headquarters to work directly with Apple to develop a large-screen application for the upcoming Apple tablet. Meanwhile, Condé Nast, publishers of  has flat-out admitted doing the same. To be fair, they didn’t say for sure that it would be an iPhone application. They just said it was content of some sort for the tablet device, which means it needs to fit the device’s larger screen.

“Not since biblical times has the arrival of a tablet been greeted with such anticipation,” writes Dawn Chimelewski and Alex Pham for the LA Times.

That may be pushing it, but maybe the tablet is just that good. We will know for sure when Steve comes down from the mountain on Wednesday.

[via LA Times]

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