More Talk Of A Premium Apps Section In App Store

According to Wired, Apple may be adding a new section to the App Store for ‘Premium’ apps at next week’s event. The event was announced as a sneak peek at iPhone OS 3.0. The new section would be a way for developers to offer more expensive and higher quality iPhone apps.

Rumor has it that the new section would offer apps for at least $20 or more, bypassing the artificial price ceiling of just a few dollars that the App Store has already created for itself. The change would make for a more hospitable environment for publishers who can’t afford to devote the resources necessary to make high-quality apps at such low prices.

Last time we heard this rumor, it was said to be exclusively for games, but Wired now suggests that it would be open to all categories, and may be particularly such appealing for makers of business apps.

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