More On The New York iPhone 3G Line-Waiters: TheWhoFarm

More information has been found on the group of five heading up the line of iPhone-waiters in NY. It turns out that they’re with a group called TheWhoFarm, an environmental collective seeking publicity to further their mission of persuading the next President of the U.S. to transform the 17-acre lawn of the White House into an organic farm.

So yeah. They’re basically hippies.

“We’re here to restore the edible landscape,” says Daniel Bowman Simon, leader and spokesperson for the group. “We want to bring seeds of change back to the White House.”

To spread their mission, they hope to break a new record for the longest amount of time waiting in line to buy something. While they do seem to be excited (at least a little bit) to be getting the shiny new iPhones next week, their primary objective is to promote awareness of sustainability, affordable housing, energy security, locally-grown food (they’re eating lots of apples this week, har har), and “eating right,” says Simon, “especially our leaders.”

Here’s their list of what they hope to accomplish by pulling the stunt:

  • We will spend a lot of time in a great public space, around the clock.
  • We will use mobile solar power from Solar1.
  • We will drink NYC’s renowned tap water.
  • We will have local healthy food (especially Apples) delivered by our community gardener friends, Greenmarket farmers, and locavore restauranteurs via bicycles and pedicabs.
  • We will compost our foodscraps, to help sustain our fragile soil.
  • And most importantly, we will talk to whoever happens to stop by about local organic farming as a critical element to sustainable healthy living, food security, youth education, and climate change mitigation.

While I can’t say that I fully agree with their objective (or find it to be a good use of their time), their cause is at least noble one, for which I applaud them. Still, it would be great if just once someone was first in line for an iPhone that was just a hardcore superfan.

But I would much rather it be these people than that frigtard from last year.

[via Fortune: Apple 2.0]

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