More Evidence Of Video Chat On iPad/iPhone

Yet more evidence is raising hopes for video chat finally making its way on to the iPhone and iPad. 9to5 Mac has found two icons titled “AcceptVideo” and “DeclineOrEndVideo” in the iPhone OS 3.2 SDK inside the TelephonyUI.framework folder, which houses graphical elements related to telephony. That could mean video calling is in the future, but as that would require a front-facing camera, it could mean video chatting through 3rd party apps as well.

The icons:

Further evidence was found tucked away in some of the iPad’s telephony apps in the form of VideoChat strings:

There were even some refrences to “iChat”:

This may just be there because Apple brought code over from their Mac telephony software, but if iChat really does get on either device, the chances of it having video chat capabilities are high.


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