Discover your lost musical treasures. Moodagent, by Synthetic Media Solutions is a giver of gifts that just won’t stop pleasing. Lets face it, be it iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, the bottom line is they are all music players at heart. And the music we have each collected was gotten through some effort and thought. But with hundreds, thousands or even more titles in our personal repituar it can be tough to hear it all, all the time. Some tunes get lost in the shuffle (pun optional).

Music is selected for a mood. Sometimes we want the mood enhanced, other times we want our mood changed and nothing does that better than music. The songs we choose for that task may not always be readily available or easily remembered. What we need is an agent of mood control – a Moodagent and this FREE App has just what you’re looking for.

Launch the App and push the FIVE sliding bars up or down to enhance or change your mood. Choose from Sensual, Tender, Joy, Aggressive and Tempo. Mix and match. All UP or ALL down or just ONE up. It’s amazing what happens when you move the sliders -

Using the songs in your own onboard library the play list that is almost instantly created changes right before your very ears. Once Moodagent is set into motion you can click the little “i” button in the lower left corner for a technical explanation of how it’s all done – but don’t bust the mood by looking behind THAT curtain. Instead just think about how cool it is that this App plays you tunes that fit the mood you want, just because it cares about you. There, isn’t that a better explanation than all that profile tracking stuff the info button will show you?

After Moodagent is set in motion, the job of playback is passed off to the iPod App – multitasking at work without waiting for O.S. Four. Moodagent creates a playlist that will continue to update as long as you want to listen. But what if you want to save one of your random mood swings for some future feelings? Easy, just PULL DOWN on the top song in the song list to expose the “Save playlist” and “Open playlist” micro icons. They do exactly what they clearly state – SAVE or OPEN a Moodagent Playlist.

There is more to this easy to use music player, but I won’t spoil your exploring. Just be sure to have a mood preferred playlist filling your ears as you click around.

Pobody is nerfect, but this comes close to doing just what is says it will, so go ahead Synthetic Media Solutions, enjoy your well earned iPhone Alley FOUR STAR rating.