Monster Pinball

Monster Pinball is a gorgeous and fantastically executed game for the iPhone. I would even go so far as to say it’s possibly the best pinball app out there to date! Matmi sure hit the nail on the head with this one. The controls are fantastic, the animations are smooth as butter, and the overall look is polished and not quite like anything I’ve ever seen before.

When you open the game you’re given 3 options; Play, Help, and Scores. Play will obviously start up a new game, but you may want to look at the controls first. Sure, they’re completely natural feeling, but the Help screen is kinda cool and worth taking a look at. Everything feels very intuitive. Pull back on the spring mechanism by sliding your finger downwards and releasing to set the ball into motion. Then, using your thumbs, simply tap the coordinating buttons at the bottom of the screen to activate the levers. These buttons are small enough that it gives the “table” a very wide open feel, but big enough to be able to access easily in most situations. I say “most” because people who have a heavy duty iPhone case with a high rim may find it somewhat awkward to reach the buttons.

One of the awesome things about this game is that there is more then one table. You start off at the “Invade” table and from there you can travel to “Bindy Spin”, “The Bowl”, and a few others! Each table has it’s own special theme and animations. For example the “Invade” table features a spaceship and some cool lasers and electrical-type effects. This unique feature really sets this game apart from others of it’s kind. The physics of the ball are very realistic and the gameplay is incredibly smooth. I played this game for about an hour nonstop and I didn’t encounter any hiccups in the ball’s movements whatsoever! You can really tell that the developer was careful to make sure every single detail was executed perfectly.

In addition to the seriously awesome look, the soundtrack and effects are also way above par. They’re pretty hard to describe but let’s just say that bleeps and bloops match the theme of the game perfectly. I usually find the clunking sound of the levers to be really distracting and annoying, but in Monster Pinball they’re just right.

I’ve tried out quite a few pinballs apps for the iPhone and this one is definitely my favorite. The developer may want to add music or iPod support eventually but even without, the game is still super high quality. Some may think the monster characters are drawn too cutesy but I guarantee that once you open the app, you’ll keep playing. With the wild animations and the constantly changing tables, the replay value of Monster Pinball is higher then any pinball game I’ve ever seen. Great job, Matimi!

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