Monsoon Volcano Streams HD TV To iPhone, Slingbox-Style

If a TiVo, Slingbox, Roku and remote DVR all had a baby, their freakish love-child would be the Monsoon Volcano. It’s super-thin and super awesome in that it performs the functions of all of those devices/services: it does time shifting like a TiVo, place shifting like a Slingbox/HAVA, internet video like Roku, and can be controlled remotely like a DVR. Not to mention it’s got the looks, too.

You can use it to record TV programs to it’s hard drive using your iPhone, as well as stream it to the device for viewing over either Wi-Fi or 3G. It uses a new compression technology that gives you the ability to download 128 hours of video to your phone, and a full-length movie downloads in just minutes. You can watch recorded programs from anywhere, and even surf the web with it to watch YouTube or CinemaNow on your TV.

It’s not out yet, but will debut in normal and Volcano Pro models, for US$199 and US$299 respectively (Volcano has 4GB flash drive, Pro has 250GB hard drive).

[images: ZatzNotFunny]

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