MobileMe Up And Down, Push Email Running Great On 2.0 Software

Well ladies and gentleman, MobileMe’s push mail is now active and running. Gizmodo‘s Jesus Diaz has the service working with his iPhone running the iPhone 2.0 software, and is running perfectly. He is now able to get email pushed to his iPhone in real time, both over Wi-Fi and the cell network. He was even able to get it to work perfectly while using a SIM from an unsupported carrier (Vodafone Spain) while in roaming and it worked just fine. With all of this in place, it will likely be very difficult for RIM and the Blackberry to keep up, given that Push email has been one of their main selling points for quite some time.

As for the rest of MobileMe, it was up earlier today for a little while, then went down, and then it was “sort of” up again, and then it was down again. It’s just a hunch on my part, but I’m guessing that it could be like this for quite a while, so get used to not getting access. If .Mac’s performance history is any indication, MobileMe is going to be really slow and not that reliable. Hopefully things will improve over time when everyone isn’t all logging on at the same time to check out the shiny new features.

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