MobileMe Rumors: Will Apple Make it Free?

One rumor we’ve heard a few times recently is that Apple may make MobileMe a free service soon. One theory is that they will offer different plans based on the service you choose. This theory looks more like a possibility when looking at the MobileMe preference pane lately. Under account type, it now indicates I am a “full member,” lending credence to the possibility of various member types coming soon. (The online MobileMe management screens offer no such indication.)

I only use MobileMe for syncing all of my data on the iPhone and iPad, which I love. When I add a contact to my Mac, it’s instantly added to my phone. When I add a date to my calendar on the iPad, my iMac and Laptop both see the new entry right away. It’s something I can’t live without, and I’ve paid the membership fee just for that service. But I never use iDisk, the Photo Albums, or the webmail. All I really want is the syncing option. I’ll be hard-pressed to complain if they offer that service for free.

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