Mobile Mechatronics Announces iTwinge Keyboard for iPhone

If you’re looking for a genuine, physical keyboard for your iPhone, this might be it. The iTwinge by Mobile Mechatronics is a $29.99 keyboard that mounts on the iPhone and, per ChipChick, can improve typing speeds by 30-40% while reducing errors by 70-80%.

According to the company’s FAQ section, it slips on and off in a second and is durable. It’s also worth noting that it apparently draws some power from your iPhone, but only a tiny amount.

Mobile Mechatronics indicates that the iTwinge is also a training tool for those transitioning from a phone with a physical keyboard to the iPhone’s virtual keyboard and that it has an iPhone app in development that helps “users build muscle memory & improve typing skills.”

The iTwinge is scheduled to ship on November 17th and the company is taking preorders now.

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