Mobile Industry Round Table Discusses iPhone Software Distribution

Leaders in the mobile software industry gathered at a Silicon Valley roundtable discussion earlier this week to discuss the iPhone’s software distribution. Some developers, like Pandora Media, expressed their satisfaction. Their app, Pandora Radio, was downloaded 350,000 times in the first 6 days. Facebook and Loopt representatives also made an appearance. Loopt said that the average iPhone user is 47 times as active on their network than a non-iPhone user. Facebook has also been successful.

When the subject was turned to the upcoming Google Android mobile platform, opinions were mixed. Said Pandora’s Conrrad:

“I need Android like I need a hole in the head,” predicting that it would be “another OS platform that sits on top of buggy firmware, with devices with hundreds of manufacturers, with different characteristics.”

In contrast, Loopt’s CEO was enthusiastic about it’s proclaimed openness of the platform, in contrast to how closed the iPhone is. Many developers have been criticizing Apple for their NDA practices.

[Macrumors via PC World]

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