Mission: Repair Offering Screen Insurance For iPhones

A third party company is now offering an the equivalent of an insurance program for iPhones that will cover screen repairs and other accidental damage to the iPhone. Mission: Repair is now offering Peace of Mind/Maintenance Performance Guarantee that will lets you pay in advance for repairs in a way that functions similar to an insurance program.
The plan costs $19.99 for a year and $29.99 for two years. If your screen breaks while you’re on the plan, they repair it for you at no charge. A slightly more expensive plan will cover everything except the screen for $34.99 a year or $54.99 for two years. Combining the two costs $54.99 for a year or $79.99 for two years.
The plan doesn’t cover things like water damage, and you have to send in your device to have it inspected to make sure it’s in good condition before signing up, though they say they’re working on an iPhone app that will let you test it yourself. You’re also required to install a screen protector.
Still, for those of you who are more accident prone, it might be a worthwhile investment.
[via The Apple Blog]

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