Minecraft Fans Rest Assured – Official Port Coming to iOS (most likely)

I’ve never played, but in the past few years, particularly more recently, I’ve been hearing a ton of praise for the computer version of Minecraft. The gameplay is based mainly around construction, with more variation as well, as players will be able to roam vast cubicle worlds and be able to build basically anything that they can. The cubicle blocks with represent everything and anything from soil to rock and can be placed in fixed location relative to a specific grid.

To date, the version has sold over than 2 million copies. With a large fan base, developers Mojang were pleased to announce that a mobile version is in the works including iOS and others. This mobile version will be tweaked to fit on the iPhone’s screen and work with the hardware as well (duh!) and will be frequently updated. No date or price has been revealed yet. What has been said, though, is that the game will first be released on Sony’s Xperia Play. I’m totally willing to give this highly acclaimed game a look when it is released in the, hopefully, near future. Until then, I’ll definitely keep you posted and in the loop about any other developmental updates that are released.

There are currently some [surprisingly good] knockoffs on the app store, which attempt to create a Minecraft feeling – the construction part anyways. Not sure if I should be fueling the purchase of those, but anyhow you can see what they look like to get a feel for what the official version is going to be like.

[Via Gamasutra]