Microsoft: Silverlight For iPhone Not Likely

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has in the past expressed interest in getting Microsoft Silverlight, their own take on an Adobe Flash developing framework, on the iPhone, but at the time he said he hadn’t discussed it with Apple so he didn’t have many details to go in to. Now Microsoft is back and while they’re making a concerted effort to get it on Google’s Android platform, Silverlight on iPhone is becoming less and less likely.

Microsoft’s Scott Guthrie told Apple’s not about to allow plugins for their Mobile Safari browser like Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight.

“Basically where we’re at right now is we have talked with Apple,” Guthrie admitted.

“We are very interested in being able to run [Silverlight] on the iPhone. At the end of the day, Apple ultimately controls what software runs on the iPhone. To date, what they’ve said is that at this time, they’re not looking to enable browser plug-ins like Silverlight or Flash to run on top of it. They might in the future, but right now it isn’t an option for any vendor and so if they let us we’ll definitely come. Until they open it up to third-party plug-ins, like Silverlight and Flash, we’re both prevented from running there.”

Google’s Android, however, is another story. Since the OS is an open-source, open platform project, their change of getting Silverlight onto it are high.

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