Microsoft Reveals Unique Windows 8 Tablet Home Screen

Taking cues from the unique styling of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft continues actually standing out to an extent in the mobile operating system scene with the tablet version of Windows 8. Or more specifically, its intelligent tile-based home screen. Watch a demonstration by Jensen Harris, Director of PM Windows User Experience, of Redmond’s new touch-friendly creation:

[vsw id="p92QfWOw88I" source="youtube" width="450" height="280" autoplay="no"]
The video certainly makes the interface look clean with fluid gestures and animations, if not on the simpler side. To say the least, it seems that Microsoft is trying to keep the extent that Windows 8 for tablets copies iOS to a minimum.

One of Microsoft’s goals with Windows 8 is to build two distinct variants – one for full-fledged PC hardware and another for mobile hardware, specifically useful for tablets. There are a number of caveats, such as no or little backwards compatibility with unoptimized apps in the mobile version, severely limiting the app selection. Impressively, the mobile, tablet-focused offering was written in just HTML5 and JavaScript.

Of course, “under it all, it’s still Windows.” As in the home screen is really just partly a portal to Windows applications and content. (Also, brownie points if you recognize the quote.)

Recreating Windows from the ground up for a tablet is an ambitious venture. It is likely that Windows 8 for tablets will run, work, and feel much less bloated than the release for PC hardware thanks to the completely new code. It remains to be seen if this is a better idea than creating an entire operating system for a tablet, but hey, whatever people are familiar with, right?

[news via Gizmodo]