Microsoft Producing Voice Recognition App For iPhone

Those of you familiar with the time-old rivalry between software companies Apple and Microsoft probably appreciate the significance of the fact that Apple has created their own software development platform in the iPhone and iPod touch. The App Store is a hit, and everybody wants a part of it, even Microsoft, who recently unveiled plans for their own iPhone app, TellMe.

Microsoft said back in March that they were considering trying their hand at making an iPhone app out of their voice recognition service for the Blackberry and WinMo phones, and now it looks like they’ve made their decision. It’s a big step, even though TellMe is technically run by a different company that Microsoft acquired in 2007.

In case you didn’t know, TellMe is a voice recognition application that allows you to simply press a button and search for things using voice commands. Saying a business name, for example, will bring up results for companies located near by. Sadly it doesn’t search contacts, so no voice dialing yet.

[via Yahoo]

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