Metal Gear Solid Touch Released To App Store

Far ahead of it’s expected launch date, Konami Entertainment has released their highly anticipated first person shooter for the iPhone and iPod Touch, Metal Gear Solid Touch. The game is based on MGS4, and includes many of their signature characters from the game, 3D rendered backgrounds, and music consistent with the series.

It should be noted that MGST is more of a ‘tap shooter’ than a the third person shooter that MGS4 was, with gameplay revolving around sitting still and shooting at targets and occasionally ducking for cover. Controls are gesture based. The main weapon is an M4 assault rifle, which you should shoot by tapping. Pinching switches to a sniper rifle, and lifting your fingers off the screen ducks for cover.

Metal Gear Solid Touch is $7.99 in the App Store (U.S. only).

[via Touch Arcade]

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