Messages+ Allows Jailbroken Users to Send Text Messages Anywhere Within iOS

I never did get the point of jailbreaking your iOS device to then go and download a paid tweak from Cydia, but this next addition that you can download really makes the difference. Something that I’ve really been wanting for iOS is an easy way to reply to text messages without quitting my current open process; an annoying task to exit your applications every time you decide to simultaneously get social. Messages+ for jailbroken fixes that issue, which really makes me want to jailbreak my 4S. Unfortunately, I can’t do so with an untethered jailbreak, quite yet.

Messages+ really augments the messaging interface for iOS by adding something that’s really needed and hopefully realized by Apple soon. Until then, you can get your fix by downloading this tweak from Cydia if you’re jailbroken as part of IntelliScreenX which is a paid purchase of $9.99 and a pretty popular jailbreak package.

iDownloadBlog demonstrates Messages+’s advantage in the following video. Check it out:

As you can see from the embedded video, you’re able to text from anywhere within iOS, whether you’re in an application, playing a game, watching a video or whatever it may be. You simply slide upwards on the screen, much like you’re opening Notification Center, and a slick messaging interface, a lot Apple-esqe, appears that allows you to text contacts and view a conversation with the same IM format as the messages application sports. Additionally, any messages in Notification Center can be clicked to open up the interface.

For sure, if you’re interested, check out the application and let us know how you like it. It’s an interesting idea, which as I’ve said, is very much needed in another version of iOS, hopefully in the near future. I really would take it for a spin but am not a huge fan of jailbreaking and cannot do so to date as an untethered jailbreak for my 4S, though it’s in the making – I certainly wouldn’t want a tethered jailbreak.