Mercedes Testing iPads at Select Dealerships

Salespeople and Service Managers at 40 of the US Mercedes-Benz dealerships will be getting to try out iPads in order to better service their customers. They didn’t create a new iPad app, though, instead Mercedes converted their existing web portal into a web app to work on the iPad. Dealerships have already been using a web-based app on their PCs. One of the biggest changes necessary was the removal of Flash content. (Yet another shot fired at Flash in the Apple-Adobe war.)

Salespeople will have the ability to show payment schedules, check promotions based on the vehicle identification number, and start the loan process. All of this was possible before, but salespeople can do it right from the vehicle their customers are wanting to purchase. Service Managers are also able to better handle lease turn-ins by assessing vehicle conditions beside, and even inside, the vehicle.

Mercedes considered a similar tool when the iPhone was launched, but determined it was too small to be practical. Other tablets have also been looked at, but were determined to be the wrong device for the need. So far Mercedes is excited about the possibilities available with the iPad.

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