Meat Styluses All The Rage With Cold South Koreans

When you live in a climate where winter temperatures in the mid 20′s are the norm, using your iPhone outside usually means fighting instinct and subjecting your fragile fingers to the elements to use your iPhone’s touchscreen. There have been a couple attempts to find a workaround, but the people of South Korea have found their solution in encased pork snack foods.

The main issue with the iPhone in cold weather is that the screen can only take in imput from flesh. As the South Koreans have discovered, the flesh of a pig in the form of snack sausages is a surprisingly effective analogue. Snack sausage styluses are now the widespread solution for shivering iPhone users across the country.

Interestingly, CJ Corporation’s Max rods seem to be the sausage stylus are regarded as one of the best for iPhone usage, and sales of the snack are soaring upward due to the cold weather.

[itnews24 via Kottke]


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