McDonalds To Offer Free Wi-Fi For All

In an attempt to transition their public appearance from a fast food grab-and-go style restaurant to more of a hangout coffee shop, McDonalds will now be offering Wi-Fi for free through none other than AT&T. Previously they only offered Wi-Fi for a $2.95 fee for two hours, and it was only available at 11,000 of their 14,000 locations.

It would seem that it is an attempt to compete with local coffee shops as a hangout spot where you can sit down with your laptop or iPhone and browse some free internet. They are even planning to offer smoothies and other frothy coffee beverages around mid-2010, which may put them in the lead if Starbucks keeps charing their customers for Wi-Fi (of course, we get free Wi-Fi there anyway.)

Of course iPhone customers already have free access to all AT&T WiFi hotspots, but now you can share that sweet Internet action with the laptop you brought to McDonald’s too! Everybody knows that grease plus keyboard is such a wonderful combo.

[via Mashable]

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