Marware’s Eco-Vue Case for iPad

The Marware Eco-Vue is a portfolio style case for the iPad, not unlike Apple’s own iPad case. However, the Eco-Vue is made with beautiful eco-leather, creating a much more rich and professional feeling than the plastic feeling you get from Apple’s case. Even before seeing the contents, people are always wowed by the Eco-Vue iPad case. The case is beautiful real leather, but doesn’t have any of the environmental impacts from standard tanning and dyeing processes.

The iPad slides into a sleeve from the top, which is a soft suede surface assuring the iPad won’t suffer any scratches while in the Eco-Vue case. The case provides full access to the iPad without having to remove it, although the iPad can’t be docked while in the case. The sleeve wraps around three sides of the iPad with only small access holes for the necessary controls and ports. This is much more secure than some of the cases that only have corner straps to hold on to the iPad. At the top of the sleeve there is a flap that tucks in, holding the iPad in place.

I felt that the sleeve was a little too lose fitting, as the iPad can freely slide in and out. The issue here is that the flap that folds over at the top is not strong enough to keep the iPad from sliding out if you rotate the iPad upside down. A wider strip of leather would probably make a world of difference. It isn’t a deal breaker by any means, but you just have to remember to be careful when rotating the iPad.

The case is designed to allow you to hold the iPad like a book. When the case is closed, there is an elastic strap to keep it closed. When the front cover is flipped back, you can use the elastic strap to keep the cover from moving about. Marware also included a hand strap on the inside of the cover to help you securely grip the iPad.

The hand strap is a great idea, though I don’t use it nearly as much as I thought I would. This space would have been better used for a small storage compartment, maybe a compartment to hold a couple business cards or credit cards.

Perhaps the best feature on the Eco-Vue is the “table top stand” that is built into the back of the cover. The stand is simple but sturdy flap that can be flipped open, allowing the iPad to sit at a low angle on a table, perfect for typing in landscape mode. The cover has a small magnet that holds the stand closed when not in use. Apple’s case has a similar option, but Marware’s solution is much better.

Another feature the Eco-Vue offers that is superior to the Apple case is how it can be used as a stand. On the Apple case, the front cover has a bend in it that creates a small base for standing the iPad upright. Apple’s stand is wobbly at best, while the Eco-Vue allows the iPad to be propped up for watching videos without the fear of it crashing to the ground.

The bottom line… at $45, this case is worth every penny. Marware’s Eco-Vue for iPad is what Apple’s iPad case should have been.