MapQuest 4 Mobile Offers Alternative To Google’s Maps App

Apple’s stock Google-powered Maps app on the iPhone is about to get some unexpected competition. AOL has just released MapQuest 4 Mobile for iPhone and iPod touch, available as a free application in the App Store. Self-described as a “leap forward in how people interact with maps, directions and local search,” the app adds a few features not found in the Maps app.

Among the features are the “place carousel”, a sort of customizable tool bar that gives the user quick and easy access to “place widgets”. The carousel can be customized to hold any of 20 “place widgets”, each displaying different categories of location like hotels, movie theaters, post offices, shopping centers, parking garages, schools, bars, pharmacies, gas stations and restaurants, simply by dragging and dropping.

It also includes the ability to plan and save driving directions on your computer and then retrieve them on your iPhone by logging into a My Places account. It also includes multi-point routing, or the ability to plan a trip with multiple destinations, which includes the ability to rearrange the order of the locations by dragging and dropping. Driving directions cab be seen in standard map or list view.

MapQuest 4 Mobile also includes a third view, called “Max Maneuver” that is activated when the device is turned to landscape mode. In this view, each maneuver instruction fills the whole screen making it easier to read, and can be scrolled to the next or previous step by “swiping” to the right or left.

Other features include smooth panning maps, live traffic, free-form search, GPS locating, and search history. The icon representing your location can also be customized with either a stock icon or a photograph.

[via Apple Insider]

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