Man to Camp in iPhone 5 Line with an Outrageously Fun Scheme

Rob Shoesmith, an app developer at MEDL Mobile and ambitious fellow, has an extensive plan in place to be the most outrageous person to ever wait in line for a product. Shoesmith is going to wait in line at the Covent Garden Apple Store in London, one of Apple’s premier and largest retail store locations, with solely products and luxuries donated to him for the purpose of supporting his venture.

The plan has been progressing smoothly for months, as companies of all kinds have been sending Shoesmith products from batteries to clothes, even hair gel. As news spreads, it seems that he always has a new contribution to write about every week. If the amount of items that he is arranging to bring with him as he embarks on the line wait is not enough to grab attention, then how does having quality food from nearby restaurants served to him in line as everyone else waiting stares in not just a growing curiosity, but also envy as they are forced to have pre-packaged food sound?

Plus, what if he wanted to play his music library through speakers, why not go ahead and try it? On the music angle, his plans are actually more ambitious and original: local bands have agreed to perform for him as he is waiting outside the Apple Store for the next-generation iPhone.

In total, Shoesmith has already received over $1,500 worth of products and there is certainly time left for that number to increase since the next iPhone isn’t due until fall. Though some may say that he is attempting this stunt simply out of greed for free items, he says with confidence that while those are nice, his ambitions are for his “experiment” to be a career invigorator.

With a unique scheme and support, it will be interesting to follow Shoesmith as he begins his line journey. In the past, the most notable line-standers have been the devoted who simply camp out for weeks, repeating the act as popular new devices are announced. The focus of his wait will not be its length, but the grandeur of how he pushes what anybody has ever done in a line spot.

Check out his blog for updates and to learn about new twists. We will be sure to keep in touch with Rob over the coming weeks and report as stand-out events take place in journey. Once the next iPhone is announced, as others are deciding which color to get, Rob Shoesmith will be hastily putting the final touches on his line plans.