Make 1.5 Cent VoIP Calls With TruPhone

TruPhone, one of very few VoIP apps available for the iPhone, announced recently their very first “bundle” in which users can sign up for a monthly minutes subscription. Called Tru Saver, the plan is only available to Nokia and iPhone owners, and offers 1,000 minutes per month to the US and Canada for just US$14.99 monthly in the US or UK£7.49 for UK citizens.

Said James Tagg, Truphone CEO: “iPhone and Nokia owners who regularly call North America can purchase Truphone’s bundle to get ‘peace of mind’ pricing of just 1.5 US cents – 0.75 pence – per minute to the USA and Canada from anywhere in the world. People don’t want to calculate precise ‘per minute’ rates, or check tariff websites, or take a paid-for tariff ‘bolt-on’ to get a still-high rate. They simply want to feel comfortable about what they’re going to pay for the call they want to make.”

They offer more details in their press release:

  • A UK ‘pay monthly’ iPhone owner making a call to the USA or Canada, with O2’s International Traveller Service option, is charged UK£0.17 per minute. This means that someone making more than 45 minutes of calls to the USA/Canada in a month will be better off with the Tru Saver bundle.
  • Without the International Traveller Service option (i.e. a customer on O2’s £30 per month tariff), the otherwise-identical O2 customer is charged UK£0.99 per minute. For this customer, the payback period on the Tru Saver bundle is reduced to a little over seven and a half minutes of calls – offering, effectively, a further 992.5 Tru Saver minutes for free.
  • Since the Tru Saver bundle applies for calls to the United States and Canada from anywhere in the world, the payback period for an iPhone user calling these countries while roaming are even shorter – as little as three or four minutes in some cases, giving up to 996 effectively free Tru Saver minutes.

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