Major Government Agency Dumps BlackBerry for the iPhone in Australia

An iPhone in Australia is apparently as popular as a hot dog vendor at an American baseball game.  So much so, the Australian Treasury Department has dumped the BlackBerry in favor of the iPhone, a move that many an iPhone fan has made at some point in his or her life.

Even with the announcement of a new BlackBerry operating system, the department will eschew 250 BlackBerry devices in favor of at least so many iPhone 5S devices. Staff members, ministry offices and agencies overseen by the department will benefit from this sudden upgrade in technology.

“BlackBerry has pretty limited capability,” wisely opined one Peter Alexander, the chief information officer for the Treasury Department.

Alexander pointed out that the Defence Signals Directorate, an Australian intelligence agency, certified iOS for use with the country’s various government-related applications, a certification that Android devices have yet to attain.

The move to iOS was a no-brainer for the Treasury Department; “there was no decision for us, really,” said Alexander. Clearly, the iPhone and the iOS as a whole, offers security and stability that BlackBerry and Android simply cannot, even after all these years.

That’s the power of an iPhone in Australia; it’s about to change an entire government agency for the better.

That’s the story down under.

On the top of the globe, American government agencies such as NOAA, NASA, the Transportation and Security Administration and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement are also making the leap to the iPhone, and it is almost certain that government agencies around the world will follow suit.


[via: Apple Insider]

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