Mailbox for iPhone Plans to Help Users Control Their Inbox With a Swipe

For years, I’ve been jumping back and forth between Sparrow for iPhone and the native Mail application as I have never felt completely comfortable with either application due to each having their own limits. Sparrow doesn’t allow me to view emails one after another, and Mail isn’t as Gmail friendly as Sparrow is, which is just a tip of the iceberg to my email dilemma. 

A new mail application for iPhone has been teased since late last year, and the folks behind Mailbox for iPhone have announced they’re almost ready to unleash its application to the iPhone in just a few weeks.

What makes Mailbox for iPhone such an interesting application is it gives the user control over their mailbox in ways that weren’t possible in either Sparrow or the native Mail app. Instead of being littered with buttons to delete or archive your messages, you’ll be able to swipe your way to finally have an inbox with zero emails by swiping right to archive a message, swipe left to save it for later, swipe right and hold to delete and swipe left and hold to move an email.

One feature I’m excited to try is finally being able to save your emails to be viewed at a later date, which is as easy as swiping the message to the left. There have been way too many times that I’ve been out or working and have been taunted by the red button above my Mail app telling me how many unread emails I have.

In Mailbox for iPhone, I can simply swipe all of the mail that I currently have to read them later in the evening, the next day, or even next week, although pushing my email back to a week or more may get me in some serious trouble.

Mailbox for iPhone will be a completely free download and is now accepting reservations, so if anything I said about the application has piqued your interest, then head over to their site to reserve your spot.

[Via Mailbox]

Written by Daniel Perez; Edited by Mike Crook