Magnetic Joe 2

Magnetic Joe 2 is the sequel to the fantastically fun and simple Magnetic Joe, both by HD Publishing. Magnetic Joe 2 maintains the original’s excellent basic gameplay while adding an impressive amount of new gameplay mechanics, improved background graphics and music, 100 new levels, and even online rankings!

The controls are same for Magnetic Joe 2 as in the original: touch the screen to make Joe magnetic. Tap or hold anywhere on the screen to control Joe’s momentum as he dodges spikes and new deadly obstacles like saws, fireballs, and even laser-shooting cybernetic Joes! Don’t be intimidated though, there’s a 10 level training mode that should get you ready for the challenges ahead. Magnetic Joe 2 splits up the levels between classic mode, just like the original Magnetic Joe, Collect mode, where you have to grab several buddies before the star is available, and enemy mode, where Joe has to dodge new baddies! I really can’t say enough about the new modes, they add tons of gameplay, even if they do make things a bit more difficult. Although you can’t select every level right away, you can select the next three available levels on each heading, so if you get stuck in one level, you can go play another one to feel like you’re making progress.  

The graphics are better than in the original version, but could still use some work. The promo images make it look fancier then it actually is, but the backgrounds and characters are still enjoyable to the eye. The music for Magnetic Joe 2 is also much improved over the old game’s track. It almost sounds like an old Mega Man tune, but it still gets repetitive after 10 minutes of playing. Thankfully, there’s an options page to turn music off. The graphics and backgrounds have been likewise gussied up. I did prefer the old game’s death animation more, but that’s a very minor complaint. Everything has definitely been upgraded in the looks and sounds departments.

Although Joe still doesn’t really have any good story for wanting to risk his rotund life through 100 levels of death, he does have a reason to get those blasted stars. After gaining enough stars, you will unlock new versions of Joe and can select them in the extras screen! Cloak makes Joe invisible, Bad makes Joe stronger, Reverse makes Joe automatically magnetic, etc. This adds HUGE replay value, although most of those modes just make things harder!

If you’re looking for a challenge, Magnetic Joe 2 took the slightly difficult original and added two heaping tablespoons of crazy hard gameplay. Some levels require technical precision tapping, while others just need some patience and luck.  It’s all fun, but you’ll inevitably be sending poor Joe to his death in the same spot over and over on a few levels. There is a hints option, but you’ve still got to do the pressing yourself. If challenge is what you’re into, then once you’ve developed your skills to perfection, you can post your scores online and download your friends scores to your version of the game!  

Magnetic Joe 2 costs $1.99, which is a perfectly fair price considering all the new additions this version has. It’s great fun, at a great price. With three different game modes, 100 levels, unlockable extra characters, and online rankings, Magnetic Joe 2 offers a fun and unique challange for everyone.

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