Magellan Car Kit To Bring Turn-By-Turn To iPod Touch

Yesterday we told you about Magellan’s new turn-by-turn navigation app, RoadMate 2010 North America [App Store, $79.99], the latest in a long line of navigation apps. You might also be interested to know that they have an upcoming car kit similar to TomTom’s. Unlike theirs, both Magellan’s app and car kit will work on the iPod touch and non-GPS iPhones, being the first solution to bring turn-by-turn GPS to the non-GPS Apple handhelds.

Edit: blein01 just let us know in the comments that Dual Electronics has a device that will bring GPS to the iPod touch and original iPhone by the end of November, sooner than the Magellan car kit is due to strike. Thanks, blein01!


  • Fully adjustable mount works with any [editor's note: there's probably a case or two that this won't fit around, just fyi] skins or cases
  • Rotates for both portrait and landscape use
  • Enhanced signal with built-in GPS receiver
  • In-car charging
  • Noise canceling speakerphone
  • Bluetooth hands free calling
  • Amplified speaker for clear, powerful sound
  • Turns you iPod touch into a GPS navigator
  • Works with any GPS navigation or location based App

If you’re interested, you can have them notify you as soon as it’s available here.

[via Engadget Mobile]

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