Macally Introduces 15 New Accessories, Peripherals at CES

Over at CES, peripheral maker Macally unleashed a slew of new products. The first, known as the AmpTune, functions as a stereo speaker for Apple’s iPods and iPhone and users both horizontal or vertical docking which charges the unit while docked.

Next, the FMport functions as a full-channel GM transmitter for both the iPod and iPhone and also features a remote control

The PowerGo functions as a three-in-one battery charger and features an internal battery that draws power from either AC, car or USB sources.Other new products include the mMouse, a height adjustable mouse complete with a retractable USB cable. The unit currently works with Mac OS X 10.2.8 through Mac OS X 10.5.7.

Macally’s mMouseBT functions as a height-adjustable mouse but uses Bluetooth for communication and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later to run.

Continuing the run, Macally’s iShockX is a new dual-shock-equipped USB gamepad for the Mac. The unit sports 12 main buttons, two analog sticks, a Turbo Fire button and a mode selector. The iShockX requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later to run.

Macally’s Transcable functions as a Type A to Type A USB cable that supports data speeds up to 16MBps. The cable allows data trasfers for Mac or PCs using the company’s EasySuite and EasyMacCopy software.

Macally’s TuneFan functions as a 2.1-channel stereo system complete with subwoofer and notebook cooling fans. The device can be wall-powered for better performance or run off a USB port and requires Mac OS X 10.1 or later to run.

Other new products include the following:

  • The TunePalPro (a set of stereo earbuds featuring a remote control);
  • The Minibud (a mini-earbud featuring a retractable cord);
  • The 1-Port Micro CLA (a car charger for the iPod and iPhone);
  • The 2-Port USB Travel Charger (for iPods and iPhones);
  • The Antibacterial iPhone Overlay Film;
  • The ReSyncCable (a cable which charges and syncs devices simultaneously);
  • And finally, the MegaCam (a two-megapixel USB webcam complete with a microphone)

Macally’s TuneFan  and Transcable retail for $100 and $30, respectively. Both items are shipping
now while the remaining items’ prices have yet to be announced, but are expected to ship soon.

[Via iPodNN]

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