Looptastic Electro Edition

Looptastic is a versatile loop mixing application that sports a unique interface and some awesome, high-quality loops. The main mixing interface consists of three mixing zones which are controlled by a crossfader. Loops are represented by colored blocks which are lined up at the bottom of the screen.

To being mixing, you drag one of the loops up into one of the three zones. The higher the loop, the louder it is. By default all three zones are at full volume but the crossfader can be used to fade and even completely mute the left or right zones. This allows for quite a bit of flexibility in your mixes.

A filter panel is set off to the side and can be brought up by tapping its tab. From there you can use a low pass, high pass, band pass, or notch filter. The crossfader is also available while you’re working with the filters which is VERY nice.

Recording has also been added to Looptastic so you can save all those awesome mixes you create. The implementation is actually quite cool because the app is always recording. This lets you keep trying as many times as you like until you produce something worth saving. When you’ve mastered a mix, simply hit “save” and all that hard work is stored away. Unfortunately there’s no way to save it off for play outside of the app. I guess it could be recorded through the headphones jack, but that’s not the most convenient solution.

The loops included in Looptastic differ in each edition (we used Electro). You can’t record any additional loops unless you use Looptastic Producer [App Store], so you’ll want to go that route if you intend to make truly unique mixes.

The one frustration I have with Looptastic is that loops can’t be previewed easily. You can move them up to the lowest point in a zone to hear a very quiet preview that most people listening won’t notice, but it’s not perfect. To be honest though, I don’t see how the Sound Trends guys could implement a preview function, so I won’t mark any points off. The loops are all labeled so you can get a good sense of what they sound like especially if you have a good memory.

The good: Tons of high quality loops, incredibly intuitive interface. Great feature set.

The bad: Loops are difficult to preview.

The bottom line: Looptastic is one of our favorite creative music apps for the iPhone. The quality is fantastic and the interface is intuitive enough for anyone to dive right in. If you’re a fan of house/electronic music, Looptastic is a must buy. You’ll spend hours playing with it.

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