Listen Up: Facebook iPad Application Can Be Downloaded Again

Disappointed that to date there hasn’t been a native Facebook for iPad application, then happy when a downloadable one was found and now again disappointed because Facebook found out and stopped the downloading? Well perk up grumpy, yet another workaround has been found thanks to a well-known hacker.

The good news? This one still works, so if you hurry up and read the steps below, you could have Facebook running smoothly, apart from the occasional bugs, on your iPad.

The following tweak or whatever you may call it, was made by well-known, jailbreak specialist, chpwn:

1. Back up your iPad to your iTunes
2. Jailbreak your iPad – you may not want to, but this is the only way. You can revert back anytime by restoring
3. Install Facebook or make sure that you have it (you may need to delete and reinstall later)
4. Download FaceForward in Cydia
5. Reboot your iPad (may not have to)
6. Voila!

If none of the above works, you may have to either reinstall Facebook or reboot your iPad a couple of more times. Now if that doesn’t work, then there’s something seriously wrong with what you did because it’s been working flawlessly for others who have tried.

Walkthrough video:

I don’t have an iPad, so how’s the app treating you all so far? Better than the bug-packed, annoying iPhone version?…or the same?