Linux 2.6 Kernel Ported To iPhone, iPod Touch

With any cool new gadget, especially ones from Apple, there are a couple of first goals set by the hackers to try to achieve. With the iPhone, jailbreaking and then soft-unlocking was one of them, and now another has been met. Dev Team member planetbeing announced that they have successfully installed a working copy of Linux on the iPhone.

Through reverse-engineering the iPhone’s drivers, a version of the Linux 2.6 kernel has been ported to the iPhone and iPod touch. The version is compatible with the original iPhone, iPod touch, and iPhone 3G.

iPhone Linux Demonstration Video from planetbeing on Vimeo.

You can download it here and get instructions here.

Our thanks and congradulations to Planetbeing, Saurik, CPICH, cmw, poorlad, ius, and all others who were involved. Well done!

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