Lima Sky bringing down the hammer on developers? Update: Lima Sky Withdraws Claim

Late yesterday and early today, Lima Sky (Doodle Jump) started sending out notifications to developers that had the word “doodle” in their apps’ titles telling them to change the title or have their app removed by Apple. Now, while I’m over the unbearable amount of doodle games out their, can these developers claim the right to this word?

While they do have a case against the occasional appearances of games that attempt to recreate Doodle Jump by using a similar name and almost identical character sprites, this I don’t think they do. Most of these apps with doodle in their names have nothing to do with Doodle Jump from premise to artwork.

Think about it. There were games before Doodle Jump came along that had the word doodle in them. Is it fair for them to have to change their names? How about developers. Sunflat. What if they decided to do the same thing and claim the word jump. Then there goes Doodle Jump. Or even take off any apps that copied their Papi Jump. Again, there goes Doodle Jump.


Developers, Lima Sky have withdrawn their claim of owning the word doodle after mass speculation arose. The whole story was posted here on PocketGamer. Apparently, the whole thing happened because of another developer’s attempt to trademark the word. After it all Igor, co-founder of Lima Sky says:

“At the end of the day, I am a game developer, just like many of you. I want to spend my days creating great games, and not dealing with the legal issues.”



Lima Sky has posted on their twitter account that they will post their side of the story soon enough. They claim that people have jumped to conclusions. To stay updated, watch their twitter @LimaSky

What are your thoughts on this? Is it fair or not? Leave a comment below.