Lightsaber Unleashed Hits The App Store [Update 2: Now available]

TheMacBox released the update to their popular PhoneSaber application today with many new features and additions since the last version. You may remember that PhoneSaber was pulled from the App Store last month. We later learned that it was removed at the request of Lucasfilm Ltd in order for them to create an official version called Lightsaber Unleashed.

The new application now includes 5 characters from The Force Unleashed, each with their own unique Lightsaber. They’ve also added dueling music for extra fun while you and a friend destroy each others’ iPhones.

Lightsaber Unleashed is available for free in the App Store. Customers who have already purchased PhoneSaber can download the update via the Updates tab in the App Store.

Thanks to Joshua W. for sending this in!

Update: The App Store is now reporting that Lightsaber Unleashed is currently unavailable. The posting on the App Store was likely made prematurely before the actual update was available. We’ll update this story once it becomes available again.

Update 2: Lightsaber Unleashed is now available.

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