LightSaber Unleashed Awaiting App Store Approval

After PhoneSaber’s removal from the App Store by the developer, The Mac Box has announced that the official revision of the app, titled LightSaber Unleashed, is complete and is awaiting review to get into the App Store. The new app will have several additional features not previously available to the developer, such as the real sound effects from the movie and the “dueling music”, as well as characters from the game.

In case you forgot or weren’t around for it, PhoneSaber was pulled upon the request of THQ Wireless, which owns the rights to Star Wars on mobile devices. Now they have commissioned this official version, which is complete with new features that they have access to that the original developers didn’t have. Duncan Stevenson, one of the developers with The Mac Box, commented on the differences:

“Basically you can expect a much more exciting gameplay. The dueling music is something that were really happy we managed to include – it was a much requested feature and makes it really exciting to play!”

They also posted some screenshots on their blog:

EDIT: I forgot to mention that yes, it is going to be free for download when it arrives.

[via Gizmodo]

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